Paint aerosols

They are available in RAL colors and most NCS colors. We can also produce unique colours with the proper degree of glossiness.

We produce touch up aerosols for most agricultural machines like Caterpillar, New Holland, John Deere, JCB and many others.

Besides that you can choose from our primers: Renovation Industrial Primer Spray, Weldable Industrial Primer Spray, Cold Zinc Spray, Zinc Spray.

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Technical aerosols

You can choose from the following products:

  • Nitro spray - Perfect for surface preparation. We use a very high quality nitro, wich has high acetone content, so it evaporates quickly from the surface.
  • Industrial Cleaning Spray – With its deep cleaning effect, you can easily clean tools, surfaces, that are difficult to access or have a lot of dirt due to their use.
  • 100% alcohol cleaning spray - Which can be used not only in industrial environments but even in offices.

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Aerosol toll manufacturing

Want to make your own product in aerosol form, but don’t have the right tools for it? Entrust us with the production of your product!

From production to canning and labeling we can help you to launch your product! In addition, you have the option of asking for the safety data sheet, to request prices and quantities.

You can see the aerosol bottle capacity of our machine in the table below. Important! If you may not find the right sizing and would like to work with your own valves and nozzles, just let us know!

We would like to note that in most cases, 65x157 mm (400 ml) bottles are in stock, making it the smoothest way to manufacture.

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Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Capacity filled to the brim (ml) Net liquid volume (ml)
52 105 210 150
121 230 170
132 270 200
161 335 250
195 405 300

234 500 382

244 520 400
57 165 405 300

207 520 400

234 590 450
257 650 500
65 122 405 300
157 520 400
195 650 500
240 800 600
300 1000 750

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